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Imagine what would it be like if we were to miss the sparkling laughter of children? Children give meaning to our lives, since they are the future of tomorrow and the mirrors of our hopes. Children are the best gifts given by the God himself.  But the sad reality that disturbs our society is that all children are not treated like the gifts from by God.

Some are more fortunate than others and a balance regarding this problem can only be achieved if the fortunate can come together and assist in making a difference in the less fortunate individual’s lives. The less fortunate are left to fend for themselves, and this is where we as a community have to step in and assist them.

Tens of thousands of children and young adults are leaving homes, to fend for themselves on the streets in cities every year. They are exposed to harsh circumstances that can have a dangerous and devastating impact on these individuals. We as an organization endeavor to secure them a safe and stable environment to live in.

Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal is an institution who works with dedication passion and a non compromising commitment for the benefit of disadvantaged individuals living on the streets and in squatter camps. We believe that young people become vulnerable due to unfortunate circumstances they are exposed or forced into. They have an equal right to lead a care free life just like anyone else in society. With some guidance and help they can be instrumental in bringing up a new world order!

Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal was established as the public charitable trust in 2015. Based in Johannesburg (Florida), Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal has been assisting in commendable work in the field of providing care to disadvantaged individuals. Over this period we have provided thousands of hungry South Africans children and adults with food and clothing. Currently we are catering to the needs of +/-1,000 disadvantaged individuals who are in distress.

The images display squatter camps of poverty, filth and isolation for the regular person around the world. People do not often visit these secluded places and sometimes don’t even realise people live in this circumstances. We are all so busy attending to our own daily needs that the disadvantaged individuals are often forgotten. The cry of a child is not heard. There is no melody in the song to sing as the dark endless days of helplessness grow.

Twenty years into democracy and squatter camps still grows in South Africa, as the poverty level increases among our people. The majority of South African poor people live in harsh circumstances and in this new age little has been done to reach a more permanent solution. The problem is ignored and the disadvantaged people are forgotten. As an organization we go the extra mile to touch as many lives as possible. We want to make a difference in this world and will strive to go all the way to minimize the burden of disadvantaged individuals.

We believe that democracy is for all the people of the land and every human being should live with dignity. Economic hardship and other social ills in the late 90’s and 2000’s spawned the rise of squatter camps in earnest. Squatter camps are the scourge of our society highlighting the ever increasing gap between the wealthy and the poor. These makeshift homes often consist of discarded items such as tin plates, cardboard, wood and other metal items.

These harsh living conditions have affected the lives of many people and destroyed the meager belongings they have through fire and theft. As an organization we couldn’t sit around and just ignore these problems. We believe that through dedicated passionate action we can have a positive impact on these communities. It’s unacceptable that there disadvantaged people out there that have to steal electricity and water from nearby factories or houses, without permanent toilet facilities – sometimes only a few hired toilets are provided to a community of more than one hundred squatters.

Local churches and communities saw the plight of disadvantaged people and began setting up squatter camps to house these needy people. People began to realize there was a real problem and their eyes opened to crying children who begged for a piece of bread. Hungry, sick, cold and dying, helpless parents watched as their offspring suffered.

Children are dying, and their parents watch hopelessly as their loved ones suffer for the need of medication and proper medical facilities. Getting medical help is a nightmare for these people; because of no transport and the lack of funds. The public hospitals are in shambles, often overcrowded and not enough personnel to deal with the desperate people. The dirt and unhygienic facilities reek of more infection for the sickly that urgently need help. A parent can sit the whole day, holding their baby and trying to bring some comfort as they wait for attention. There is no urgency, take a number and wait your turn, an attitude of uncaring staff that either do not care or understand the difficulty of a parent crying out for help. Perhaps the parent does have the opportunity to see a doctor and the examinations are concluded within five minutes. Often there is a communication barrier between the doctor and the parent resulting in the parent leaving the hospital with the wrong medicine. Our public medical facilities are under staffed and it’s unacceptable that we should lose the lives of unfortunate individuals due to the lack of the right medical care. People that are fortunate does not realize what this individuals go through just to survive.

Respiratory problems associated with Asthma and pneumonia are common factors in squatter camps. Children are starving, malnutrition and diseases are rampant. Diarrhea is a daily occurrence and untreated infections cause the death of unfortunate individuals.

Families in these camps now live in shame, as they cannot provide for their children. The distraught people try to find a way to bring food and other essentials to their families, often venture towards the busy roads of a nearby town, and stand with an old cardboard sign begging for some help from the passing traffic. Standing all day long in the sweltering heat with the sun burning their frail bodies, does little to lift the spirits of the destitute as motorists ignore their plight. Sometimes a kind and considerate passerby will give a few coins or bread, to the beggar. At the end of the day, there might be enough money to buy some bread. Dry bread and water for dinner, with no nutrition or sustenance, just enough to ward off starvation for another day.

In the suburbs, the churches and local communities commit to help the squatter camps gathering clothing, food, blankets, broken toys and other objects from the locals who discard useless stuff. A real treasure for people in need, who delightfully accept the second hand goods while trying to hold onto a shred of dignity. A child with a running nose, and a serious bronchial cough, gladly clings to a doll with a broken arm and smiles brightly at her new toy. The visits by our caring team and church bring smiles, tears of joy and happiness to the destitute. For a moment, in their despairing lives, there is a flicker of hope, and suddenly there is a gift and a smile from a dying child.

Squatter camps around South Africa are growing, as more and more people are unemployed, without a home, and no means to provide for themselves and their families. Children are the helpless victims and suffer the most. They do not understand the plight of the poor, they depend on their parents to feed, clothe and sustain them. The parents having lost their will to live and their dignity because of the circumstances they face. There is no one to assist and they fall into a dark world where they remain in constant fear. With the little strength left, they try to protect their families, with no success due to the random attacks of outsiders who come to pillage and rape their wives and children. This constant fear drives them to the brink of insanity and often suicidal thoughts cross their minds.

Tucked away in an unknown squatter camp, parents live and watch hopelessly as their children, the joy of their life slowly dies. South Africa poverty situation is not improving, and is getting worse as the days pass and as winter weather slowly edges into the country the call for help rises. Bitter cold days are upon the land, and the additional necessity of keeping warm is another alarming factor for most.

It takes real courage to begin all over again when everything seems lost. The people living in the squatter camps do not have the courage to begin all over again. The last shred of dignity is lost when the child cries, “Daddy I am hungry, daddy I am sick,” and the powerless parent looks into the innocent eyes of the child without an answer. This is where we have the time to listen and contribute to these factors, ultimately in ridging the lives of disadvantaged individuals. We have to stand together as a community and assist in minimizing the burden on these individuals.

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